Everybody has a story of an unexpected morning.
Sometimes it’s a fiasco, an unexpected adventure, or just a nice surprise.
No matter what happens after it’s done you always want to share it with someone else.

In this breakfast campaign we took real peoples morning stories and animated them.
Whether good or bad a morning is made better by a good breakfast. This campaign included video,
digital, out of home and promotional elements. Art direction, design, and illustration

In order to get submissions of stories from people we created an social media campaign using twitter, facebook and instagram leading people to a website where they could submit a story and a short video explaining what kind of story we were looking for.

We also had local radio personalities host segments having people give their morning stories and lead people to submit more for the chance to be in a commercial.


Made for both TV and Online video. We recorded the person telling their story and animated over it.
We also filmed them for the end segment where we revealed that the story was from a real person.

Illustration and Animation done by Hint

Print and Out of Home

For print and digital I created Icons to give cohesion to the animation
in the video. These Illustrations were used on billboards, in-store promotion
and on web ads. They were a way to tie the campaign into spaces
where we had to use standard McDonalds photography.